Oliver and Jordan Behind the Scenes

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Aannnnd, we're back in the woodsy mountains with Oliver Dean and Jordan Beatz when they were shooting their romantic hookup. Straight boy Oliver is trying on sexy undies and letting his low-hangers swing in the cameraman's face. The first few pairs are "close but no cigar", Then it's the guys hiking up a wilderness trail and stopping for an impromptu dick suck. Jordan seems to like Oliver's beginner technique (maybe there's hope for straight boys after all!)

Along the rushing waters of the creek, Jordan and Oliver change outfits in the seclusion of a leafy clearing. Oliver leans back on a creekside tree and opens his fly to get in a few strokes of his big cock. He flashes his firm round boybutt for the still camera, then stretches out naked and unashamed against that tree. He goes through a few more changes of outfit as the cameras capture every look, then he and Jordan exchange deep kisses and Jordan reaches down to grab Oliver's cock. On his knees, Jordan shows him that it's the gay boys who have mastered the art of the blowjob, once and for all. The young studs release all that built-up tension back at the cabin and shower each other with juicy loads.