The Secret Spot

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In this sexy romance, Jordan Beatz and Oliver Dean are close friends since childhood. They are closer than brothers, though Jordan is gay and Oliver is straight. Their friendship has remained strong without a sexual connection through the years, but when Oliver leads Jordan along the riverbank to share a secret spot, a brush of his hand against his buddy's tells Jordan all that's about to change. They kiss and the moment breaks when Jordan has to head in to work.

Back at the cabin where they're weekending, Oliver is showering when Jordan gets back from work. Jordan strips, steps in to join him and they kiss again, with no pesky interruption. Jordan drops to his knees and takes Oliver's dick in his mouth under the spray of warm water. He sits on the shower bench and Oliver sucks a man's cock for the first time. When Oliver sits at the bench Jordan perches with one leg up, lubes his ass and slides down onto his buddy's stiff tool. Beating his own cock, Jordan glides down deep till his butt is tickled by Oliver's soft pubes. Turned on beyond belief, Oliver kneels behind Jordan and rams his dick in from behind. Jordan grinds back into each deep hard thrust. Needing a break before it spirals to the edge, Jordan leads Oliver into the bedroom and hikes up his ass on a pillow. Oliver plows in like he's been doing this his whole life. In his mind, maybe he has. When he pulls out, his hot creamy spray hits Jordan's tight belly, makes him shoot a high arch of his own sticky load. They share a smile, seal their new relationship with a tender kiss.