Daniel's Hot Fashion Frenzy

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Reflected several times in the luxe cabin bathroom mirrors, Daniel Hausser reveals that fans have gifted him with sexy outfits they'd like to see him wearing. Ever ready to please, he starts with the most streetwear-ready, trying on the erotic and flashy shorts, tops and undies until he works his way to the most intimate bedroom apparel. When he finally gets into a see-through cropped t-shirt with matching electric blue thong, his excitement is poking out in front of him and requires some solo attention. Time to retire to the bedroom!

Even in bed, Daniel has a few fan-favorites to try out. He has had a jewel-topped buttplug in his hungry hole throughout the photo shoot and feels the sex rush stiffening his big rod. Pumping his hips with each thrust into his grasping fist, we see he likes this new addition to his arsenal of eroticism. He has to hold himself from cumming immediately, since he wants to get his new clear crystal glass dildo in there to try it out for size. Sliding it around till it hits just the right spot in his tight young hole, he involuntarily moans with pleasure as his dick leaks a gob of sticky precum.

In his own world of sexual fantasy, he invites us in to imagine our balls slapping against his smooth ass as the dildo pops in and out. He stands it on the bed and grinds his hole down onto the hot hard invader. "AHHH, fuck me!" he groans as his meaty dick bobs in front of him. He props his ass on pillows and lifts his legs up in a feat of sexual acrobatics. His feet flex and curl as he gets close to the point of no return.

Filling his ass to the brim as he beats his insistent woody, Daniel finally succumbs, rolls over to milk out the load that's boiling up in his balls. The cameras capture sperm flying out across the bed and down his beating fist. His body tenses and throbs and finally he lies back, spent and covered in a thick sheen of hot manjuice. He blows us a kiss goodbye, grateful for the hot fashions and toys that made this scorching session so much fun!