Getting to Know Daniel Hausser

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In the Sedona cabin where he's based while he polishes his porn modeling skills, Daniel answers questions the fans want to know about this hot young German-American blond twink. As we listen to his Q&A, the camera cuts to his sensuous photo shoots and the wise counsel he's getting from porn maestro Dell Douglas.

Posed on rocks in the clear waters of Oak Creek, Daniel shows a natural, unfussy look that might surprise some of his social media fans. His light blond hair is casual and tousled, unlike the slicked-down twink look he dons in his day to day life. His cool, unfussed attitude is perfectly in sync with the wild untamed nature of the Arizona wilderness.

He's comfortable enough to drop his drawers and let Douglas get some erotic shots of his smooth naked body. Daniel stands with his strappy jeans around his ankles and round firm butt aimed straight at the adoring camera. Stretched out nude in the chilly rushing creek, he's a perfect nature boy.

Daniel lets us in to some of the personal experiences of his gay development in recent years. He professes his love for Vegas, his adopted home and the flashy, bright light city of his dreams. We then see him decked out as a cowboy in a Western town, leaning against a sunlit column in black vest and ten-gallon hat. An added bonus is a quick peek at Daniel jerking his big cock on the high sleigh bed in the rustic cabin.