Practicing for an "Oral" Exam

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Brian Bonds shows Joseph Banks a cocksucking video he need to "bone up" on for a Spunk University exam. "I have a gag reflex!" he exclaims, but Joseph assures him it isn't as difficult as it looks. He offers Brian a bit of practical experience, and his pants come down.

Gagging and spitting up saliva at first, Brian works his way toward becoming a super sucker. Finally Joseph shows him how it's done. The expert dicklicker is the perfect tutor, going down on Brian's big hard cock with a smooth, easy technique. "The trick is to breathe through your nose," he offers by way of encouragement. Brian is so caught up in the hot sensation of getting his dick down Joseph's hungry throat he almost forgets his studies. But then he remembers to add "Oh yeah, help me ace this test!"

Joseph skips a few chapters ahead in the syllabus and tells Brian it's time to learn how to fuck ass. He crouches to "ass up" position and Brian marvels on his great tight hole. Licking then slobbering a wad of spit on Joseph's ready ass, Brian plows his slick hard pole into his able tutor. Joesph reaches down to beat his cock in rhythm with Brian's every stroke. He rides Brian like a rodeo cowboy, but it's time to give Brian some lessons as a bottom.

Brian's ass opens up to Joseph's long straight cock. Brians yells, "Make me walk funny into class tomorrow!" and Joseph asks if he's sure this is his first time bottoming. Obviously that was a little white lie in search of a big brown dick. They flip again one more time and Brian plows in like a champ. Practice makes perfect and there's no substitute for dick-in experience!

Brian gets close, grabbing Joseph's hips as he drives in deep. He pulls out to squirt shot after shot into Joseph's waiting mouth. Joseph sprays cum splashes all over Brian's face, then assures him that he's ready for this big exam! Or maybe one more practice session might help...