Mason and Josh in the Corner Pocket

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Mason Lear and Josh Mikael are fooling around in the rec room playing pool when thoughts turn to a different kind of balling. Josh strokes the cue suggestively and Mason takes the idea one step further. Greasing up the thicker end of the cue, he works it past the curly hair of Josh's ass into his thirsty hole. Josh is so cockhungry that he backs onto the cue like it's a finger.

Mason holds the cue while Josh slides up and down a good 10 inches, then it's time for him to strip down to get his cock sucked. Josh's thick piercing rings jiggle as he slurps down Mason's long curved dick, and Mason holds his head to fuck into that hot hungry throat. Josh ditches his tight black t-shirt, bends over the pool table to get his loosened-up ass full of horny cock.

Jason beats his meat at lightning speed as he gets rammed from behind, Mason holding both hips to plow in straight and hard. Climbing onto the table and kneeling, Josh's ass is at the perfect height to fill with Mason's horned-up piece. His balls slap against the furry crack and Josh moans his encouragement. Mason sits on the floor while Josh grabs the pool table for support, grinding his hole down onto the raging hardon.

But enough playin' around, and Mason pummels Josh like there's no tomorrow. He pulls his raw cock out and milks a huge load into Josh's mouth. Josh stands to spurt his sperm into Mason's waiting throat, and the two studs share a spermy kiss.