Edward, Boy With the Dragon Tattoo

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Edward is a little guy, 5'6" and about 120 pounds. He's never done anything with a guy before and is completely straight, but he has no problem stripping down and beating off for the camera. His body is lean, muscular, a little rangy and mostly smooth, with a beautiful treasure trail and a bit of hair under his arms and on his thighs. Once he starts stroking, his cock is stiff and ready to rock.

From Edward's easy, relaxed mood, you'd think he's been modeling porn for years, he is just that calm and natural in front of the camera. A sexy dragon tattoo is emblazoned across his chest, giving him a tough look for a short skinny guy. Once his beating fist speeds up it's pretty clear he's headed for the big splash.

His heavy nuts draw up tight and his cock swells as he readies, aims, and FIRE! A juicy spurt showers Edward's tight belly with sticky cream that drips down his hip as he smiles, proud of putting on a good show for the boys.