Khoi Strokes and Stuffs

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Khoi is not your typical Asian-American model. With several tats and a couple of piercings, a big Prince Albert ring through his cock and a septum ring, he's got an edgy alternative appearance. A dancer, he likes to incorporate the tough whirlwind moves of martial arts into his art.

When Khoi steps into the shower, his long ever-hard cock juts out and he can't keep his hand off for long. But one hand is free to work a finger up into his hungry hole. In closeup on the bed, we see the heavy nuts, firm pierced cock already dripping with precum and the smooth downy black hair that frames it.

Brandishing a black wand vibrator, Khoi teases his cock shaft and sensitive head, then reaches under to buzz his balls. Once his ass is lubed by a probing finger, he works in a crystal clear sex toy and we watch it entering, one round ball at a time. He loves the juicy pop as he pulls it all the way out and pushes back into his ass, and this gets the precum flowing in a long tasty string from his pierced dick head.

Khoi bends at the knee and pumps his hips so his crotch is above his head. His lean body flexes and quivers with an impending cum eruption. Closing his eyes and feeling the spurts come shooting out, he drenches his face and chest with a thick sheen of sperm, then slowly breathes deep and catches his breath after a ferocious solo session.