Diego the Quick Study

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Diego is a fresh-faced, new student at SpunkU, but with a tutor like Rave Hardick on board, he'll be a master of his craft in no time. Rave starts out as the ultimate romantic in crisp white shirt, kissing and nuzzling Diego until his student is sex-crazed and RARING to go. He strips to his jeans then gives Diego a few licks across the sensitive hole, nibbling at his neck and ears, then finally strips to let Diego have a go at sucking his massive XXL cock. Diego is so turned on that he doesn't blink an eye at the giant cock in front of him and sucks it with enthusiasm. Rave next opens him up with a clear glassy dildo, whispering sweet nothings to him as it slowly enters to fill his tight butt. Now he's ready to take on Rave himself. An extra dollop of lube and patience go a long way, and once he knows it will fit Diego climbs on to ride the big brown monster cock. He's grinding on it, milking Rave with his horny ass like a pro before you know it. Rave turns him over and smoothly plunges in to the root like the expert cocksman he is. Diego is so close that this ass-plowing can't go on forever, and Rave goes down and rims his quivering hole while Diego pumps out a thick, well-earned load across his belly.

Diego shines as he's paired (tripled) up with Rave and his buddy Gabe Dallesandro. With Diego the lucky Pierre in the middle of the sandwich, Gabe works his cock into Diego's ass while Diego happily chows down on Rave's big meat. This being SpunkU, a threeway like this is bound to escalate to a few surprises. Gabe plows away at Diego and Rave enters from behind so Gabe is now the man in the middle, pummeling a hot hole and getting blasted with a hot fuck at the same time. Then Rave gets his turn in the spotlight as Gabe squeezes his thick cock into his ass while Diego is still happily getting the fuck of his life.

The big virtuoso climax cums as Diego lies down on top of Gabe, getting plowed from beneath and Rave gingerly climbs on top and adds his dick to Diego's hot hole invasion. It's pretty amazing to see an inexperienced bottom take dicks as big as Rave's and Gabe's, but AT THE SAME TIME? It's a rare and superhot double stuffing, and Diego is feeling sensations he never imagined. All three are perilously close to cumming, and Rave pulls out to cover still-fucking Gabe and Diego with his stream of hot cum. Gabe starts beating his dick over Diego's face, spurting a huge creamy splatter across his mouth and stubbly beard. Diego only takes a minute of stroking before he shoots all over himself. All three need a moment to catch their breath after this Olympic-level sport fuck!


Diego is so hot

Would love to see Rave Hardick bottom more. It was sexy to watch him bottom!