Dickham's Dean's List: Student Standouts!

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Scene 1: Rave Hardick has just finished a HARD day of shooting, but there's still enough spunk for Jay. He takes Jay to see the sling and set they used, and inspires him to drop his terry robe and get busy sucking dick. Rave cuffs Jay's hands into the sling, and starts some light and sexy torture, like nibbling at his nips and licking his hole. Poor Jay?!?

Rave slides a finger into Jay's accommodating ass, and from the appreciative groans he knows how bad Jay wants a cock up there. After a condom and some lube, Rave is gliding into Jay like his XXL cock and Jay's ass were made for each other. The sling is great for getting some traction and a rhythm going, and Rave works it into a smooth hard fuck. A few times Jay is almost overwhelmed by the massive cock, but he soon comes to his senses, lies back and just enjoys. The pounding on his prostate has jay spurting a combo of piss and precum all over himself. Rave pulls out just in time to add a thick creamy splatter to the mix, till Jay is a sticky mess of musky man juices.

Scene 2: John Rene and David Ace are horsing around in bed and David can't wait to get his mouth on his Pinoy buddy's thick tan prick. John pumps his hips up into David's mouth, and all is going great, but David wants that cock up his hole. He reaches for the lube and condoms and a second later is riding on John and groaning in deep sexual ecstasy. David slides his ass down onto the long straight shaft, then grinds against Johns pubic bone to feel the deepest penetration. John presses his cock into David's wide open ass once he turns and faces away, and it's ride 'em cowboy time! John wrestles David over onto his hands and knees and plows in from behind.

David holds on for dear life once John works up to a high speed and smashes his groin against his buddy's round muscular ass. David lifts his legs and opens up to John's pummeling cock, but can barely hold back. As their bodies knit together in a fuck rhythm, there's only a second for John to pull out and begin spurting cum before David joins in to join him in a juicy extended mutual cum splash, all over David's drenched and satisfied belly.