Rod Evans Flirts With the Camera

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Rod chats with Dickham, poses for stills, then gives a little peek at him jerking off and showing off his cute hairy-cheeked ass. He's an affable, smiley dude, and he looks like he's never happier than rolling around naked on a crisp white sheet.

The first scenario is Rod waking up with a hard cock straining at his black briefs. Lean hard shoulders and biceps ripple as he deftly strokes a hand across his hard tapered dick. He gets on all fours, ass up, gives another hot look at the downy hair that starts at his cheeks and thickens into his furry crack. He nibbles at his arm, savoring the sensation of jerking his prick. A squirt of juicy lube makes it all so much smoother and slicker, and he pumps his hips as he beats off.

His left hand instinctively reaches down to lightly squeeze his nuts and caress his hairy taint. Bending forward he grabs a butt cheek and squeezes it lovingly. Groaning with satisfaction he settles onto his back and picks up speed. "Ohh, fuck!" he moans, teases the camera. Asking "Want me to play with my cock? Want me to put it up your ass?" he draws closer and closer to letting those heavy nuts pump out their sticky reward. Lying back, he strokes slowly, intensely, milks out a thick load he aims across his trail and belly. Smiling mischievously, he points toward the camera and promises "I'm gonna fuck you, guy..."