Derrick Dickem is Mr. Hospitality

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Dirty-blond Derrick is a throwback to classic male porn models of the 80s and 90s, with a rangy lean build and a sculpted face. He works in the hospitality industry, and is one of those "gay for pay' studs who goes the extra mile to please his gay fans. Stretched out on a patterned duvet he kneels to show off his perfect 6-pack of washboard abs and has no hesitation getting on all fours and poking up his muscular ass into an appreciative camera.

Someday Derrick wants to open a restaurant of his own, and he'll probably be the tastiest dish on or off the menu. His smooth ass, tight balls and responsive thick cock are a potent combo. His lean muscles ripple as he begins to beat that dick, and when he lubes up a fleshlight and starts pumping into it, we sense his down to earth, get to the point fuck style. He speeds up, rocking the bed as he drives into that slick toy, cheeks tensing with every assured thrust.

Derrick's a camera natural, confident and friendly. From every angle a sexy young fucker, he's a pleasure to watch as his head tosses back in sexual fervor. He bites a lip while an orgasm rumbles up from those tight thick nuts. His beating fist is a blur of action and focus, and though he would be inclined to close his eyes about now, he makes a point to keep eye contact. When he cums it's a major splash that coats his abs with rivulets of gleaming juice. Any of us would love to lick up all those little creamy puddles, and his welcoming smile assures that he wouldn't mind a bit.