JayCee Unleashes the Beast in Joseph Banks

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Part 4 of the Sexy Sons of Satan series. It's Halloween and the highest of Holy Days for the Sexy Sons. Joseph Banks is a caged slave, but now it's time for him to release the beast that lives inside him. JayCee frees him from captivity, lets him indulge his ravenous appetite by sucking his massive cock. Joseph smoothly slides his mouth down its full length and sucks on JayCee's big nuts.

Climbing into the red, strapped sling, Joseph opens his ass and suspends his feet high up. JayCee takes his chance and slams in hard, pumping deep and fast. Banks beats his dick in appreciation as he feels that thick juicy cock filling him, JayCee holding the straps to control every movement. He pants and glares greedily at the camera, feels both of them getting close.

JayCee pulls out and whacks his cock just above Joseph's ass, then explodes all over his heavy nuts. Glazed with cum, Joseph keeps beating off once JayCee leaves, fucking himself with a steely buttplug. When his balls are ready to shoot their load, his body tenses. A volley of hot creamy shots spray across the floor and the sexy captive walks out of the dungeon, free at last.