Sexy Sons Of Satan: The Playroom

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When horny guys hook up in this wild resort, they turn into something more than ordinary humans, the Sexy Sons of Satan! Nero (Romeo Daniel) is lounging out on the patio having morning coffee when he's joined by hot lean shaved stud Ezekiel (Joseph Banks). Nero's morning appetite is for more than just coffee, so he pulls out Ezekiel's huge meat and starts slobbering over it. The scruffy lil sexpot can get his mouth all the way down onto that thick pole, and earns an invitation to the notorious playroom.

It's a combination dungeon and mad scientist's laboratory with every kind of kinky apparatus and fetishy sex toy for your mutual pleasure. Nero scampers around like a kid in a candy shop, then climbs on to an elaborate sling suspended by a web of hard unforgiving chains. Ezekiel knows this room well and instinctively climbs on top and begins plowing the sexy bottom. Their bodies crash and quake together in a mighty fuck rhythm that would tear an ordinary sling off its moorings, but this playroom is built for the hardest, toughest playtime.

It's a jangle of chains and suspended cuffs as Ezekiel's massive cock meets Nero insatiable hole. Both uncut fuckmates are getting the ride of their lives on the souped-up stud sling. Ezekiel is so worked up with the unearthly pleasure he has to pull out and jack, and Nero follows suit. Nero sprays first and then gets his hot muscled body showered in a baptism of Ezekiel's hot creamy juice. He licks up the splatter to seal their bond.


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