Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo Daniel?

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Shaggy and scruffy, Romeo Daniel could be the hero in a classic love story. In his spiderweb cutout shirt he is going for more of a rocker boy look, though. He's been gay since he was a teen, and admits that the first time he went "all the way" it hurt at first, till he started to enjoy it.

He's versatile, likes bottoming for older guys and only tops young guys with nice asses. But enough about Romeo, let's check in on that little Romeo between his legs. Twiddling his nips and grabbing the dick inside his loose shorts, Romeo gets up and stiff pretty fast, peels off the peekaboo shirt to show off a nice pair of pierced nipples. His long uncut piece has a loose foreskin he likes to play with. Romeo unties his shorts and flops his cock around proudly, then fucks the bedsheet. He turns around to smack his ass and bounce his meaty butt cheeks. Licking a finger, he beats his meat and reaches down to poke a finger in. He definitely needs stimulation front and back to get his cock in gear.

When he speeds up jerking, Romeo glances down to focus on the sperm eruption he feels bubbling up from his nuts. Smiling and grabbing his sack, he pumps out five or six hefty shots across his chest. Scooping it up, he slicks his nip with cum and licks off his sticky fingers.