JayCee and John Rene's Hot Reminiscence and Rematch

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Hot new SpunkU buddies JayCee and John Rene talk about their stories and sexual histories while they have a look back at their exciting visit to Sedona. We see them sucking and fucking in the wilds of Arizona, carefully checking to avoid discovery.

John admits to enjoying the dildo play scene, since it opened his ass up pleasantly for getting topped the first time. JayCee was just glad he didn't get pinkeye after John's copious cumspray hit him smack in the eyes.

But enough of the hot past, and back to the present. The two horny studs are lying down and John makes sure he gets a good swallow of JayCee's big cock (he's a great cocksucker) before he fingers his hole to prepare for an anal invasion. Plenty of lube and relaxing and voila! it's in. Inexperienced John is getting into the habit of feeling a cock in his butt, but can't take too much. He gives his hole a rest and rubs it with some more lube. It's time for JayCee to relax as well, so John uses his slick hands to give him an impromptu massage, and then goes back to his strong suit of deepthroating his bud. JayCee shows his appreciation by grabbing the scruff of his neck and pushing John down onto that big aching cock full of juicy cum.

One more mini fuck session and John is more relaxed and ready this time. Their smiles show that this time the chemistry is just right, and John shows his enjoyment by spurting a wad across JayCee's hard muscle chest.