Dibs On Daddy

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Though in reality, JayCee is barely old enough to be considered a Daddy, his gruff appearance and guy next door image put him squarely into that category, and right in David Ace's bullseye. David doesn't waste a second getting obedient and submissive with the new muscle daddy, who's scruffy and covered in tats. He's down on all fours, ass upturned and with JayCee grabbing both cheeks for a taste of the lean twink. The smile on David's face tips off that he's needed this kind of treatment for a long while.

JayCee also wasted no time, didn't even bother to pull off his watch or baseball cap. He roughly grabs David by the scruff of the neck to guide his mouth onto Daddy's hard cock. David wags his ass like an excited pup.

JayCee plows right in to David's ready and waiting ass, and the young stud grabs the nearest pillow to avoid getting knocked around by the strongman. Holding the headboard, jayCee is in the perfect stance to pound his cock straight down in.

Now it's David's turn to ride and show Daddy how well a hungry ass can treat his aching, fuckhungry cock. The lean muscles of David's thighs and butt ripple as he grinds down onto it. Before things get too heated up and out of control, David wants to feel JayCee's tongue in his hole one more time, and squats over the muscle dude's face. JayCee jacks hard while he buries his face into the fresh-fucked crack. And it's back to cock worship, with David nuzzling and slurping that hard pole like a prized possession. He moans when JayCee pounds out a creamy reward for his xlnt cocksucking skills. David has no trouble beating a fresh batch of his own, and the two share a moment to kiss and catch a breath.