Up Close and Underwater With John Rene

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A beautiful, built and tan young man enters the water effortlessly, like a knife cutting through cheesecake. Engaging and self-effacing, our sexy model John Rene just turned 30. Living in the US the last 10 years, he spent his early years in the Philippines. He's still catching up to the pace of the American lifestyle.

While we watch his lean, well-balanced body naked under the water, he takes the opportunity to tell a bit about his sexual experiences with women and men. Attracted to both sexes and recently split from his wife, he's now enjoying a chance to indulge his gay side. If you're wondering, he hasn't had a boyfriend, YET.

In his free time, John enjoys technology and video games. But that doesn't mean he is an indoor type. He really gets off on kayaking in the great outdoors and swimming in the warm tropical island waters of his home country. He glides through the pool, waves casually then pops out and walks away, till next time.