Boi Chino Gets a Hard, Juicy Lesson From Jason

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Our ever-adept teaching assistant Rave welcomes Jason Jimeno in for a session with new student Boi Chino. They retire to the back bedroom where Boi immediately gobbles down Jason's thick brown cock. Jason is a power top and heavily hung, so he wastes no time placing the head of his major tool at Boi's tight puckered hole and sliding it in to the root. Boi's a talented and eager bottom and Jason's raw cock fits him like a glove as his ass opens up to get plowed. He lies on his back, spreads wide and breathes deep as he's filled to the rim. It's time for a break in their lesson. They lie back and get a five-minute breather for water and a pee.

Up in the front room, honor student David Ace is sucking tatted muscle daddy JayCee as they prepare for a hookup scene on camera later. David cups JayCee's big bull balls and worships his thick pole as he beats his own dick. Their connection is firing up the camera and it looks like a major action scene is on the way.

Boi's hole is now opened up, lubed and ready for occupancy in the back room. The guys are through with break and raring to get back to the fun. Jason steadies his hands on Boi's hip as he pumps straight in, then turns him onto hands and knees and rides hard and deep. The sound of his crotch pounding insistently against Boi's butt tips us off he's close to cumming. He pulls out and immediately spurts shot after shot onto Boi's twitching and well-used hole.

Ever the gentleman, Latin lover Jason licks Boi's tight ballsack as his nuts churn out a creamy load onto his belly. Boi dresses and takes his leave, full of useful new lessons for his next onscreen Spunk University fuck.