Little Tony And Jordan Beatz Learning Experience

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Great porn is about chemistry, and experienced performers have mastered the art of clicking with their scene partners. Little Tony and Jordan Beatz are hot guys with promise, but they learn that it's not always easy getting that onscreen magic going on command. Complicating that is the fact that 19-year old Little Tony is trying to make a name for himself in gay porn to get an "in" toward performing on straight sites. He won't kiss, suck cock or take anal. Doing a solo BTS, he takes direction and gets a decent hardon. Dickham guides him through and he gets off using a fleshlight. So far so good. We hope for the best.

On campus, Jordan meets Tony and asks him about his "gay for pay" experience. Mildly reassured, they head in for their scene. Jordan nuzzles Tony's belly and works down his undershorts, gives him some easy oral. Tony is obviously not quite there, doesn't know what to do with his hands. He needs to beat off his own cock to try to work up a usable stiffy.

At SpunkU, we don't encourage Viagra or injectable erection meds, so what you see is real connection between the guys. It's there or it's not. Jordan's ass is tight, so he uses a buttplug to work it open a bit before the pair try anal. Down on all four, Tony tries getting into that tight hot orifice. If he makes it in it's all good. But a half-hearted hardon will just slide back out. Tony wants to do bareback, but Jordan is not willing. We only allow that between two guys recently tested and negative. Tony is frustrated and angry, and walks out.

Ever the trouper, Jordan substitutes a hard crystal dildo for his half-hard scene partner, uses a fleshjack, jerks his thick uncut piece to a full hardon and easily finishes with a juicy climax. Not saying that all's well that ends well, but in this case, both guys got a good lesson in what does and doesn't make a scene work!