Introducing Gavin

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Dark, handsome Gavin is as close to an absolute beginner as any student at SpunkU. He's done a few nudes in the past, and is eager to keep learning, but he's a diamond in the rough. He's lean and muscular, with a nice dick, with no experience with other guys. But he's open to this new world and has a great attitude.

His attitude carries over to Gavin's relationship with the camera. That seductive sex appeal when he strikes a pose? Something you can't teach, and having it right from the beginning is a BIG head start. Gavin goes through photoshoot setups with growing confidence and comfort, and his hard dick shows he's ready and able. Once he's naked and it's just him and the camera, he's a natural. Here's a goodlooking guy who has never been in any gay scene, but loves the idea of guys watching and getting off on his smooth hot body, tight nuts and thick bronze cock. He beats his cock to a juicy big load, even more excited about showing off what he's got to an eager audience. Lying there with a handful of spooge, this is a guy who loves his dick and wants to explore what kind of fun it can get him into.

Welcome to the world of gay porn, Gavin, and something tells us you're gonna like this. And we're gonna love watching.


I sure hope Gavin hooks up with another guy and see how far he's really willing to explore.