Shade Hancock Jerks in the Shadows

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Shade has it made in the shade on his SpunkU shoot. He gets the full film noir treatment of deep shadows and dark backlit silhouettes that accentuate his lean, strong build. He buzzes his dick with a vibrator to get the action going, then runs a few fingers across his twitching butt.

Lying back in a dreamy sex stupor, Shade cups his nuts and smoothly strokes his shaved dick. Rubbing a slick drop of precum around his sensitive head, he gives his finger a lick to taste his own sticky juice. Now he's hard, turned on and ready to fuck a long clear fleshlight. His whole body throbs and tenses with extreme waves of pleasure coursing through him. Once he gets his hand back on his long hard tool, it's locked and loaded for a cum blast. His jaw drops open and he sprays a tasty load he can't help licking up.