John Powers: See it, Hear it, Feel it

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John comes a little late for class, so Dickham fills him in on the day's lesson. For a porn scene or performer to grab viewers by the balls, they have to see it, hear it and feel it.

Confident and maybe a little cocksure, John has that first attribute in spades. We see and appreciate his ripped, slightly hairy and definitely muscular body and big thick cock pierced straight through at the head. His smoldering eyes are a dick-raising delight when he remembers to look into the camera. We feel every touch and stroke as he works a fleshlight, massages his heavy balls, and lies back to rub out a big juicy cumload that spills down his fist and shaft.

His "hear it" quotient still needs polishing up, limited to sexy soft growls and groans and an "ooohhhhh" when he blasts that load. But hey, if he comes back for a refresher course, we're all the winners!