Dom Ty Dominates Levy Foxx

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Some guys will bottom when necessary, and then there are the ones like Levy Foxx that are BORN to have cocks inside them. Levy sees something he LIKES when ginger Viking stud Dom Ty joins him in a late night hot tub. Dom's pierced cock is just what Levy needs, and his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas when he grabs it to suck and get hard.

Dom lives up to his name as a natural top, so the combination proves combustible. He puts a blindfold on Levy and takes out the heavy ring in his dick so they can "have some real fun". He feeds Levy's hungry mouth with the dick it craves, then fills his other hungry hole, giving it a smack from his paddle to show Foxx who's boss. The light pinch of clothespins on his nipples makes Levy all the more turned on and dick crazed. Now they've passed the point of fucking for fun to inescapable masculine need. Dom pulls out of Foxx's throbbing hole just in time to feed his load to Levy, who jerks his own load out with handcuffed hands. A perfect top and bottom get exactly what they're looking for.


i love dom ty. he's so hot