Rica and Alex Flip for Each Other

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Alex is enjoying a free afternoon from studies, cooling his lean, hard body in the pool when Rica steps onto the deck and dangles his feet in the water. Alex is friendly and mostly horny, so he paddles over and helps himself to a mouthful of Rica. Sex this good needs a bed to take it to the next level, so the handsome pair dry off and retire to Alex's room.

Now Rica is doing the sucking, getting his friend hot and ready. Rica's talented mouth teases every part of Alex, from his feet to his hairy ass crack. When Alex's fuzzy butthole is throbbing and hungry to get opened up, prodded and plowed, Rica sends it over the top by buzzing it with a vibrator.

Rica fills Alex and pumps him harder and faster, then Alex proves he can give as well as he takes. He turns the tables to give Rica a hard, hot fuck lesson he won't soon forget.


Wow, I've been hoping those two hotties would hook up and this scene surpassed my fantasy.