Rica Trujillo Squeezes Out a Thick Load

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New student Rica Trujillo is a bit nervous about remembering his lessons and all that Dickham has taught him. But once he settles into a spare hammock and feels the warm sun tingling against his smooth tan skin, masculine instinct takes over and he lets the cock bulging through his black shorts have its way. He reaches down the waistband, strokes and caresses the thickening dick as he tickles his hair-lined asshole with the other hand. That dick and balls strain to be free, and he pulls down the shorts for some unfettered access. His soft, smooth foreskin glides up the shaft and lightly covers the thick mushroom head with each stroke.

The lean hot Latin with little chin beard, heavy balls, big cock and heavy thick pubes has caught the attention of Levy Foxx, who is stroking his own dick in appreciation. Rica, leaning against a tree, peels off his shirt and shorts to be naked for lean,smooth Levy, deftly working his cock by a lounge.

Both studs are getting close, and their rhythm and breathing pick up the pace. As he feels his cumload nearing the surface, Levy squats down and beats off with one hand while he tenderly gives his nuts a squeeze. It's blastoff time, and he squirts a big heavy load that sizzles as it hits the hot concrete of the pool deck.

Rica faces away toward the tree, caressing his ass and balls as he works up his own massive load. With a loud moan, Rica shoots a creamy spooge that slicks his fingers and sprays off to the ground below. Legs spasming with each blast, he milks every drop from the spurting head, leaning against the tree to catch some balance again. It feels so amazing he involuntarily brushes a hand across his furry ass crack and stretches and strokes his spent but happy cock. Lesson's over for today.