SpunkU: Levy Foxx

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Levy Foxx is scheduled to shoot his scene with PeterFever, but first he needs a brushup course from Dickham to learn the ups and downs, and especially the in and outs of making a hot and enticing porn scene. He shows his ruff and ready cock is always up to a challenge as he starts to work up a spunky load on the deck. Meanwhile new Spunk U student Rica Trujillo is getting a few pointers of his own watching Levy's jackoff show from a discreet distance, especially inspired by the big juicy climax Levy sprays all over the deck. Levy then goes over to Rica and appreciatively gives his support to the eager enrollee by fluffing Trujillo's thick lovepole with his warm, wet tongue. They may be new students, but their natural talents already make them close to graduation-ready!