Learning To Take A Dick

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Ever want to fuck someone who looks just like you? These two slim tatted Latinos take care of that twin fantasy. Jordan Beatz, who will bottom, sucks Trevor Stone's large cock first; it doesn't fit all the way down Jordan's throat but that's okay. Since this will be a bigger cock for Jordan on camera, we figured it will give him something to remember. Trevor knows to get his girth in, he's got to toy with Jordan's hole first; glass before glove.

As Trevor works his cock in, we zoom in on Jordan for his reaction; the bottom winces. This position doesn't last long, but Jordan has an idea. Putting Trevor on his back, Jordan mounts "the monster" and gives it another try; the extra lube seems to have done the trick. Blowing within just a few bounces, Jordan spews onto the top's chest; I think Jordan was surprised he came so fast. Trevor strokes himself while Jordan rubs and sucks; the jizz is worth the wait.