On Set With Trevor Stone

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It's hard to do porn as a gay man, it's even harder without a partner. If you're straight, just getting head from a dude is thought of as wrong; some guys will hide their faces or wear "balaclavas." For me to get stimulated in a solo, I use toys and watching other guys fuck; the louder the better. Taking direction and remembering to say when you are going to cum is also difficult; good thing I have the stamina to blow more than once. Here, the third time is the best "money shot." We can also choose a theme for our solo and lighting.

Trevor Stone has appeared in other SpunkU.com videos with guys but he wanted to illustrate just what some of the guys go through; having a hard cock is only one part of a "shoot."


Trevor is hot and I really like how much he CUMS! I wish guys didn't look at their cellphones while they are shooting. I know that seeing porn gets them off but I see enough people focused on their phones in real life!