A Hard Day Of Learning

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Fuck, what just happened? I'm exhausted, and exhilarated at the same time; Zack Randall knows how to arouse. We met early this morning for a photo shoot. I was learning about positioning my body and working with another model to show some chemistry; I had so much fun that I just pretty much stayed hard the whole day. By the time we got to the "bedroom scene," I was ready for Zack's lips and cock, with or without the camera.

Bottoming is not something that I do off-camera, but Zack had me so horny, I just kept trying to "work it in." Finally opening up, Zack slides in and just hits my prostate from the start; it feels so good. To be honest, I just got lost in the moment, I hope Zack enjoyed it as much as I did. I will definitely have to do more "studying" with this hottie to increase my skills for SpunkU.com, stay tuned. Jordan Beatz is really coming along nicely and today was a great example of a model, outside his comfort zone, just letting go and having fun.