Dylan's Fellatio Lesson

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I really enjoy using my skills to help the SpunkU.com group of guys; my large uncut cock is at their service. Today I'm paired with Dylan Nguyen to help improve his abilities. We start out by the pool, but it's just too hot so we head to the bed; Dylan seems very enthusiastic. With just a couple of pointers, his mouth arouses not only my cock, but my ass as well. Although he needs no motivation, I "ass-ist" him, front and back. It's really not as easy as it looks, but with Dylan's drive and talent, he'll be "shooting" like a porn star in no time. Thanks Zack Randall for bringing your gorgeous uncut cock and expertise to SpunkU.com.


This was a hot scene but the description had me confused at first. The title made it seem that Dylan was the star pupil but then Zack was writing the story of what's going on? The action in the scene speaks for itself. Dylan's gonna be a big star someday.