An Idol for Valentine's

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I can't believe the videographer remembered how much I gushed over Zack Randall; I would let him fuck me anywhere, anyway. Next thing I know, the boy is sitting next to me talking about our chemistry and doing a scene. Once we went inside and lied on the bed, the rest just happened so naturally, so willingly and so sensually. Zack took control and my body responded to every touch, lick, bite and thrust; I can't think, I just knew he would be an amazing lover. Working me from "heads" to toes, I found my Valentine. After, we showered; it was almost as good as the "showering" he gave me in bed. Marcus Rivers has made a great addition to the team. Now if we can just separate these two, we will see them with other hot models.
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Intimate yes. But sometimes terrible. This kind of music + slow motion = kitsch

This was an amazing scene: the kissing, sucking and connection was so intimate! <3