Be My Fantasy

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This University definitely plays to my strengths; I am always horny. Today, shooting my solo, I let my mind wander; there is a really hot guy who's masculine and has tons of tattoos, his name is Trevor Stone. As the director yells action, I think about Trevor taking me; his thick cock fills my hole completely.

Rubbing the outside of my hole, I know Trevor could pound me and have me moaning in no time. Taking me in various positions, my body begs to feel the heat of this tatted boy as he wraps me up and thrusts fully. Close, the videographer catches me looking right into the camera; I think I moan Trevor's name. Pulled back into my fantasy, Trevor is the one who is close, he pulls out and shoots on my backside then our mouths meet again. Damn that was enough to have me nut and spasm; oh that boy can have me anytime. Boi Chino is new to; I don't know who he was thinking about, but he sure enjoyed filming.


These men are incredibly hot. Thank you for bringing in an Asian guy to have a hot, nasty time. These two are paired very well together in this scene as well as the other. The only thing I would do differently or add is every bottom, or passive player deserves to have his ass eaten teased before having it fucked good long and hard. not just the top. Both of these men are very 5*. I'd love to see them flip fuck and eat each other out too.