Jingling My Balls

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I've always been confident about my looks and body; never had to go without. Splashing in the SpunkU.com pool to cool off these balls, I just need to blow a load and I'll be good. Heading in, I thought I was alone; hmm, maybe later I can take you up on that offer. In the shower, my cock and balls know it's time; I dry off and stretch out. Working my foreskin over my cock feels really good, it's like "unwrapping a gift" each time I stroke. Tensing my hairy hole while I tug gets me even hornier.

Working a firm grip on my shaft, I move into a few of my favorite positions and let my thoughts wander; hell yeah I like you watching. With some precum expressed, I never need the bottled stuff; my body readies. Thighs tight, I jerk faster and release a creamy load up to my nipple. I'm not shy, and as for gettin' off, I got this. Montante Steel has already shown you how he plays with others, this BONUS BUST is our way of saying "May all your Christmases be white!"

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