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I was really impressed with Isaac Lin's scene with Rave; he caught my eye so when I saw him naked in the backyard, I stripped and headed out. Letting him know how I feel, Isaac flashes those beautiful eyes and seems receptive to me; my cock swells. Hungry, Isaac shows me what his mouth can do; my eyes roll back and I am more than satisfied.

On all fours, Isaac spreads his licked ass wide while I stuff him from behind. Changing up my pace and position, the boy really knows how to receive; I go until I bust all over his backside. Sitting back, Isaac tugs as I suck his nuts; he spews a prostate-poked load onto my cheek and I suck up the rest. This is a great place to practice to perfection. Jason Jimeno, like Isaac, is a hot addition to the "student body" at SpunkU.

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