SpunkU: Marcus Rivers

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Being able to use the pool at Dyk's is a nice perk of SpunkU. After talking to some of the guys here, I think I have found a place to be myself and show you some fun. Like the others, I'm horny all the time and blowing a load happens multiple times a day; might as well get it on film and get paid for it. I'm really good at edging myself; I keep it hard, with a bit of "natural lube" to satisfy. I also enjoy toying.

With a big glass anal toy, I use the texture and curvature to intensify my edging; this is where you can "cum" in. Leaking a bit more from my head, I get on my knees to top; my dick feels so good between my fingers and the bedspread. Allowing myself to blow, I stretch my body out, and release a nice pool of thick cream; tastes good and good for ya. Okay, so I've got to work on "wiggling the toes," but hey, I'm here to earn and learn.

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