Rubbed Down Sucked Up

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"Droppin'" a hint to Montante Steel, I then jump in the pool; Rave Hardick adds to the number. As we chat, I need a volunteer to rub; Rave says I need to work on my massage technique. Montante steps up, now I just need to get rid of Rave so I can have him all to myself. Using some oil and deep, long strokes, Montante flips and shows me I'm doing it right. Adding my mouth should bring him all the way up; did I mention how I love eating cum?

With some additional work on his balls, Montante starts to pump up into my mouth; I do enjoy a boy who knows how to enjoy a boy. Getting hard myself, I join him on the table and continue. Montante grabs my hair, he pulls my head back and says, "I'm cumming." Releasing right into my mouth, I relish the scent and taste. Blowing my load on the table, I impress Montante with my "magic." Isaac Lin is a wonderful addition to our campus; he, Montante and Rave are doing so well here at SpunkU.

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Rave seems like a great guy, looking forward to seeing him more often.