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Out in the hot tub at Dyk's, I start teasing the cameraman with my bouncin' cock; you just get used to being filmed. Boi Chino joins me in the water as I've always had a "spot" between my legs, for an Asian's slim frame and "serviceability." Asking for some practice, we head to the chaise. Inflating my thick cock with his mouth, Boi's got just the right amount of everything to get me rock hard.

Most guys can't take my girth, but Boi seems to relish the challenge; he just lets me go to town in his hole. His whimpers and moans turn into "yeahs" as I leave him dick-drunk. Stretching his droplets of precum between his fingers, he is certainly ready to ride. With his flaccid dick slapping my abs, I can feel the wet precum with each smack. Thrusting up to meet his skills, Boi moans, "you're hitting my spot baby." Close, I pull out and drench Boi's hungry lips and mouth; he slurps up every bit and sucks for more. Jerking while still feeding, the "marshmallow" cream that ejects from this hottie is unreal.

Okay, take a moment to clean up and come back to reality. Trevor Stone and Boi Chino just went way beyond the normal "practice" sessions we encourage at SpunkU! Lord, these two "shot" right to the "Man-a-Cum-Loudly" List.

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Very hot :-D