Four-Boy "Cum-petition!"

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Damn, laying by the pool is the best; we're free ballin' all the time. It's a blast living here and the camera doesn't even bother us anymore. We play some chicken and then get into a real competition; Rave Hardick suggests unloading on a mirror; farther gets $100. Going first, I work it up while Jason Jimeno talks shit. Looking around as I stroke, there's some sweet candy in Dyk's shop. Dropping my load, Rave marks it and Montante Steel goes next. Needing some porn, this straight dude checks out some tits and ass. Damn, he blows and we all follow the "foul" hit out in left field; off the mirror doesn't count. Rave's next; he's definitely got the biggest cock, but when he blows, he's way short. Jason is the last guy; and hello, "gay pride" wins out. These boys, including Montante Steel, all have fun here at SpunkU. It's the place to learn the "industry" while getting tan or tail, sometimes both.

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