Dick Double Deckered!

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Diego Rafa Huerco called me up and asked if he could audit a class; he's not sure he wants to go here but he's interested. I set Diego up with myself and Rave Hardick; we are both well known tops. As a straight guy, Diego said he is not sure he wants to bottom, but Rave and I change his mind and "give him" the benefits of our experience. By the time we suck, fuck and double-team Diego, he's signing the enrollment forms. In the end, we all have a blast and feel much better for the release.

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Diego Rafa Huerco's a brave soul to first get fucked fast and furious by two insatiable men and two getting double stuffed and stretched by these same whore-mongers! I all into this scene!

Absolutely love Diego. He's hot! I want to see more of Diego getting fucked, he's amazing to watch. He reminds me of a straight friend I have that likes his wife to fuck him with a strap-on and Diego takes 2 big cocks at one, WOW!