SpunkU: Jason Jimeno

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This was my solo introductory video from when I applied to SpunkU University. I went to SpunkU to learn, make money and maybe find a buddy or two. I've always known I was gay and have lived openly; gay is the way to play.

Using some lube and toys, I enjoy my solo; I'm not shy and the camera doesn't bother me a bit. Feeling horny, I jerk off and think of the last guy that fucked me; he was more of a daddy, and he was hung. I'm usually a top, but all I could do was think about him deep inside of me when I met him at the bar.

As my body reddens and I tense, I blow my load, just like I was back in my bedroom. As well, Santa and I find a nice spot, his lap, to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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