SpunkU: Diego

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All the guys go through an interview process to get into SpunkU; some of these stories give us a look at exactly who these guys are. Diego Rafa Huerco is a student who, because of his willingness to share his fetish, we were able to find just the right spot for him.

As I said in the park, I do like to use a toy on myself; it feels so good going in and out my hole, hitting my prostate. On the bed, I lube up and show you just how I do it; I use several toys to arouse. Getting closer, I grab my dick and nut sack; it's like holding on while my body explodes; the cum blasts onto my stomach and chest. I will also tell you that I enjoy the taste of my own cum, it is very sweet.

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Diego maybe straight but the way he worked those toys, ain't no way that he will stay truly, only, and mainly straight for long... Maybe Bi's more like it!