A Christmas Job For Sean

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Both these guys did a solo for us at StraighMenXXX.com. I then talked to Jason Jimeno, on the right, who said he would give Sean Keys a "job;" money tends to make things more "fluid." The two go in, get warm and see what "cums" from this. As Jason works him up, Sean needs a bit of "mobil" inspiration and stroking to get things hard. Working Jason's warm wet mouth up and down, Sean assists with a hand. After enjoying Jason's work, Sean grabs his dick and blows onto Jason's cheek, creamy and thick. With the season so near, I added a bit of "jolly;" don't mind the old fucker, he never seems to really give you what you want... stick with the young hotties on StraightMenXXX.com, they'll keep you merry.