Cassidy works as an escort and go-go dancer in a local gay club, and due to his successful career as an escort for gay men, I thought who better to teach straight boys how to have gay sex then a seasoned pro?

In his first porn video, I paired Cassidy with a new straight guy on the block named Mitch. First of all, getting Mitch to suck his big 8 inch cock. The poor straight boy was gagging on the cock but Cassidy knew that in order to be a successful rent boy, sucking good cock is a must. Then again, maybe Cassidy was just being selfish and wanted that straight boy's mouth to get his dick wet. Whatever the case, he definitely taught Mitch a lesson or two!

It looks like getting Cassidy back will be a breeze, he relished the job of working with straight boys. We'll just have to see if he can pencil us into his busy schedule!
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Cassidy's Content

Mitch & Cassidy

Mitch & Cassidy

13 Feb 2019