SpunkU: Draco

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A good hard workout is part of my everyday routine. As a MMA fighter, being fit and strong is not only necessary, but it allows me to focus. During the photo shoot, I try to give you my best; the university is a great place to enhance my skills. Already horny, I add some lube and good porn; my cock is ready to be awakened.

Doing a bit more "pumping," I penetrate with a finger; this helps with the size of load I blow. Watching my cock throb while I jack off, I also add some "good vibes;" I love to edge. Close, my cock is begging to blow and within a few minutes, I "give her" what she wants; streams of hot jizz shoot up onto my chest. Draco spends most of his time in the gym and is here to refine his skills; he is getting hotter each day at SpunkU.

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